Inventory management program for tracking real world assets
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Inventory management system

This is a project I started to track my parts collection and the assets of CUARC. It is written entirely in java and uses NEO4J (a graph database which stores data as nodes, connections and attributtes on those nodes and connections) as the internal database and any Cypher supporting external graph database

Current Features

None I litterally just got started

File structure

  • src/ contains all java source files
  • lib/ contains all java libraries such as neo4j
  • doc/ contains all documentation and design documents

How to contribute/use

  1. Make a new project in your favorite Java IDE, I use eclipse but you may prefer intelliJ, Netbeans or maybe you just prefer to edit the source with something that actually looks nice like VSCode and use a build script to compile and test
  2. Clone down this project with git clone if you've set up your ssh key or with git clone and type in your username and password. In eclipse I clone directly into the project folder so the src folder for eclipse is the same one in the repository. If your using and IDE and the default source folder isn't src/ then change it to the source folder (or you could hypothetically make a sim-link to the src folder that takes the place of your IDE's project source folder).
  3. If you would like to contribute, make a branch by forking this repository, and then make a pull request. I'll happily look over your proposed changes. DO NOT try to commit IDE specific files in your marge requests, but feel free to share build scripts in other ways.