Go backend for tracking results from conway game of life soup search.
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github.com/go-sql-driver/mysql v1.5.0 h1:ozyZYNQW3x3HtqT1jira07DN2PArx2v7/mN66gGcHOs=
github.com/go-sql-driver/mysql v1.5.0/go.mod h1:DCzpHaOWr8IXmIStZouvnhqoel9Qv2LBy8hT2VhHyBg=
github.com/gorilla/mux v1.7.4 h1:VuZ8uybHlWmqV03+zRzdwKL4tUnIp1MAQtp1mIFE1bc=
github.com/gorilla/mux v1.7.4/go.mod h1:DVbg23sWSpFRCP0SfiEN6jmj59UnW/n46BH5rLB71So=