Jabberwocky submission for Computer Organization
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CC = gcc
FLAGS = -g
OBJ = atob.o btoa.o jabber.o wocky.o
EXEC = atob btoa jabber wocky test-me
TEST_ASCII = hollow
all: $(EXEC)
test-me: jabber wocky atob btoa
./atob $(TEST_ASCII).txt bit-$(TEST_ASCII).txt;
./jabber bit-$(TEST_ASCII).txt zap-$(TEST_ASCII).txt;
./wocky zap-$(TEST_ASCII).txt kapow-$(TEST_ASCII).txt;
./btoa kapow-$(TEST_ASCII).txt out.txt;
diff $(TEST_ASCII).txt out.txt
jabber: jabber.o
$(CC) $(FLAGS) -o jabber jabber.o
wocky: wocky.o
$(CC) $(FLAGS) -o wocky wocky.o
atob: atob.o
$(CC) $(FLAGS) -o atob atob.o
btoa: btoa.o
$(CC) $(FLAGS) -o btoa btoa.o
jabber.o: jabber.c
$(CC) $(FLAGS) -c jabber.c
wocky.o: wocky.c
$(CC) $(FLAGS) -c wocky.c
atob.o: atob.c
$(CC) $(FLAGS) -c atob.c
btoa.o: btoa.c
$(CC) $(FLAGS) -c btoa.c
rm -f $(OBJ) $(EXEC) bit-$(TEST_ASCII).txt zap-$(TEST_ASCII).txt kapow-$(TEST_ASCII).txt out.txt