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-- Show the name and population in millions for the countries of the continent 'South America'.
-- Divide the population by 1000000 to get population in millions.
SELECT name, population/1000000
AS popMillions, continent
FROM world;
-- Show the countries which have a name that includes the word 'United'
FROM countries
WHERE name %like% 'United';
-- Show the countries that are big by area or big by population. Show name, population, and area.
SELECT name, population, area
FROM world
WHERE area > 3000000
OR population > 250000000;
-- For South America, show population
-- not correct
SELECT name, gdp
AS popMillions, gdp/1000000000
FROM world
WHERE continent = 'South America';
-- Show the name and capital where the name and the captial have the same number of characters
SELECT name, capital
FROM world
WHERE length(name) = length(capital)