The Sol Programming Language!
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Absolute Basics
This chapter is intended to give you just enough orientation of the Sol language to read the examples to follow.
Sol has just one comment type, and it is a line comment; it is preceded by two dashes (--), and appears as follows::
-- This is a comment
--Whitespace to the right is recommended, but not required.
-- Anything to the right of the dashes until the end of the line is completely ignored by the parser.
Interactively, and in many examples, the `prepr` `function <functions>` is used to print convenient forms of the value or values given to it as parameters::
prepr(1) -- Outputs "1" (without enclosing quotes) to stdout
prepr(13.3) -- Outputs "13.3" to stdout"
prepr("hi!") -- Outputs '"hi!"' (without enclosing single quotes) to stdout
Alternatively, the `interpreter` will print the resulting value of any evaluation entered at its prompt.