The Sol Programming Language!
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if [ ! -f .submodule_stamp ]; then
git submodule init && git submodule sync && git submodule update
touch .submodule_stamp
if [ -z "$CFLAGS" ]; then
# Valid flags to add here:
# -DDEBUG_GC : Turn on debug GC (all memory allocates/frees go to a file, use to get statistics)
# -DSOL_ICACHE_MIN : Minimum integer to cache in the state
# -DSOL_ICACHE_MAX : Maximum integer to cache in the state (if MAX < MIN, caching is disabled)
gcc -c $CFLAGS dsl/seq.c
gcc -c $CFLAGS dsl/list.c
gcc -c $CFLAGS dsl/array.c
gcc -c $CFLAGS dsl/generic.c
gcc -c $CFLAGS lex.yy.c
gcc -c $CFLAGS
gcc -c $CFLAGS astprint.c
gcc -c $CFLAGS runtime.c
gcc -c $CFLAGS gc.c
gcc -c $CFLAGS object.c
gcc -c $CFLAGS state.c
gcc -c $CFLAGS builtins.c
gcc -c $CFLAGS solrun.c
gcc $CFLAGS *.o -o solace -lm -ldl