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  Jared Dunbar 4557ab6fb1 added gitlab build script 5 years ago
  Benjamin Lannon ab0aacf97d Update install_sol.md 5 years ago
  Benjamin Lannon a20e2a9ec6 Update SUMMARY.md 5 years ago
  Benjamin Lannon 4014f26447 Create install_sol.md 5 years ago
  Benjamin Lannon 2c86ac01c0 Create SUMMARY.md 5 years ago
  Grissess 40b64933c8 Merge pull request #24 from sol-lang/grissess_init-file 5 years ago
  Graham Northup f08f6a2c62 Sol Part 46: POOOOSIX POOOWEEEERRRRRR!!! 5 years ago
  Grissess 642bd380be Merge pull request #16 from sol-lang/logicalfun 5 years ago
  Graham Northup e0f8219e59 Sol Part 45.1: What Has Science Done?! 5 years ago
  Michael Hrcek 62b0048b40 Sol Part 45: I Just Don't Even! 5 years ago
  Graham Northup 9ba71b5a41 Sol Part 44.1: MOM GET THE THESAURUS! 5 years ago
  Graham Northup edae755438 Sol Part 44: The Words I Don't Know Could Fill A Dictionary! 5 years ago
  Benjamin Lannon 7ff1611a5d Merge pull request #15 from sol-lang/grissess_stmt-exprs 5 years ago
  Graham Northup ef76c4af5a Sol Part 43: EXPRESSIONS EVERYWHERE 5 years ago
  Grissess b8cec86dbd Merge pull request #14 from sol-lang/logicalfun 5 years ago
  Michael Hrcek cdb282f445 Sol Part 42: Now With MORE Logic! 5 years ago
  Graham Northup 1b74dc5ca6
Sol Part 41: It's Probably Not Solitaire! 5 years ago
  Benjamin Lannon c86afa0ef1 Sol Part 40: Now Open Source 5 years ago
  Grissess 0cea7dff12 Merge pull request #10 from lannonbr/master 5 years ago
  Benjamin Lannon 31985aedf0 Delete test.sol 5 years ago
  Benjamin Lannon b44aa9c07f Delete test_monty.sol 5 years ago
  Benjamin Lannon a83a6e5e59 Delete subtest.sol 5 years ago
  Benjamin Lannon 1e785c3f38 Delete monty.sol 5 years ago
  Benjamin Lannon 18caf1795e Delete interp.sol 5 years ago
  Benjamin Lannon 49028ad55d Delete dump.sol 5 years ago
  Benjamin Lannon 7f34aeb132 Moved all sol files to programs directory 5 years ago
  Graham Northup cd32a6ff54 Sol Part 39: Now with 100% more arrows! 5 years ago
  Graham Northup 62dc3621d8 Sol Part 38: RELEASE THE CLOWNS 5 years ago
  Grissess ef0a3226aa Merge pull request #7 from lannonbr/master 5 years ago
  Benjamin Lannon d803ba1bfe Sol Part 37: Makefile Galore 5 years ago
  Graham Northup f2df4b8cc7 Sol Part 36: Words, Words, Words! 5 years ago
  Graham Northup 39ca473230 Sol Part 35: Now With More Snakes! 5 years ago
  Graham Northup 76940271a4 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/Grissess/sol 5 years ago
  Graham Northup 1073d60787 Sol Part 34: When Life Gives You Language, Make Solade! 5 years ago
  Grissess 7abd046edc Merge pull request #3 from cmr/master 5 years ago
  Corey Richardson e8439b7a9b Add shebang to build.sh 5 years ago
  Corey Richardson 3a43a9b120 Add shebang to buildgrammar.sh 5 years ago
  Graham Northup 3c1da53911 Sol Part 33: Garbage In, Garbage Out! 5 years ago
  Graham Northup 729148d887 Sol Part 32: Why Didn't We Think Of This Sooner?! 6 years ago
  Graham Northup 792c057cc6 Sol Part 31: Rip In Pieces! 6 years ago
  Graham Northup 45891fa325 Sol Part 30: astyle -tSjp -A2 -k3 -W3 is Best Style! 6 years ago
  Graham Northup 77d2337ecb Sol Part 29: Whitespace is a Character Too! 6 years ago
  Grissess 346f304946 Merge pull request #2 from cmr/master 6 years ago
  Corey Richardson be50b94943 build.sh: CFLAGS and submodule awareness 6 years ago
  Graham Northup 623ef270da Sol Part 28: sudo apt-get update! 6 years ago
  Grissess a72e5afb7b Sol Part 27: Sometimes I Wish I Could Read! 6 years ago
  Graham Northup 5aaa5396e8 Sol Part 26: Yo Dawg, I Herd U Liek Languages... 6 years ago
  Graham Northup 3ec9528c1d Sol Part 25: Introducing the Solterpreter/Viperpreter! 6 years ago
  Graham Northup 4df3383ccc Sol Part 24: Harry Kwanzuhannamas! 6 years ago
  Graham Northup f13d22e4e2 Sol Part 23: Why, Git, Why? 6 years ago