The Sol Programming Language!
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  1. Language Reference
  2. ==================
  3. The Sol language is an interpreted language with fair syntactic similarity to
  4. Lua and Python, but has enough quirks that some constructs might not be clear.
  5. This guide should be considered definitive to the syntax of the language, but
  6. you should be aware that the namespace under which the language is run may
  7. differ between applications, and that you should consult those applications'
  8. manuals for more information. Only under the basic interpreter (`solrun.c`, or
  9. `sol` from the command line), the `standard library <stdlib>` is well
  10. defined.
  11. .. toctree::
  12. abs_basics
  13. simple_exprs
  14. control_flow
  15. lists_maps
  16. functions
  17. stdlib