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Wand of Greater Greatness
This wand is made of melted down rings of greater ring, the various precious metals are not fully mixed and many ring shaped patches of metal can be seen on the surface of the wand.
The wand has at most 10 charges. If all charges are expended, experience a magical surge every hour until the wand is destroyed.
When held: the holder may expend one charge as an action to target an item within 60' other than itself that it can perceive. If there is an analogous greater item (ie. staff of telekineses and staff of greater telekineses) the item becomes the greater item. If not the DM may chose to improve the item in some way. If the item is a wand or similar item with a number of charges the charges are restored to the maximum number of charges.
The wand has an AC of 20 and an HP of 100. When destroyed a magic surge occurs and the rings of greater ring are restored and equipped to the nearest entities.
The only known methods of creation to melt down at least 20 rings of greater ring and forge them into a wand, or with a wish.
Per Detect Magic, this wand has a strong aura of transmutation.