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Talking Stone
Rarity: Uncommon
Aura: Illusion
These artifacts usually take the form of palm-sized stones or other mineral materials of a similar size. Not all such stones can accept this spell, but more precious gemstones tend to work more reliably.
A creature holding the stone which knows at least one language can, as a free action: speak to the stone, or clear the message.
Whenever the stone is initially touched by a creature that understands at least one language: hears the previously recorded message, if any, over the course of a free action, in a language that it understands, and in the voice of the caster. If the creature stops touching the stone during the message, it ceases hearing it; a creature which is no longer touching the stone will hear it anew when they touch the stone again.
The stone can hold up to one message; a newly recorded message clears the previous one irretrievably.
Neither recording the message nor hearing the recording are affected by the inability to speak or hear, including earmuffs, gags, loud noise, or magical means, such as the Silence spell.
The recorded message, when being "heard" by touching a creature that understands at least one language, can be a verbal-component-only cantrip, such as Thaumaturgy or Vicious Mockery, if the recording creature knows that spell. The touching creature is the caster.
Such a stone can be created by casting Magic Mouth at 5th or higher level on the chosen stone. As above, not all stones can accept this spell; gems work well, the more precious, the better. A stone must not have a diameter longer than 4in., or shorter than 1in., in any dimension, or the spell will fail.
The stone retains its AC and HP. When destroyed, the recording is lost irretrievably.
Per Detect Magic, the stone has an aura of Illusion.