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Staff of Teleportation
Rarity: Very Rare
Aura: Conjuration (Strong)
This item appears to be a staff, often knotted and gnarly, about the size of a walking stick for a medium creature. It is a bit small for a large creature, and a tad cumbersome for a small creature.
The holder of the staff can use Teleport at will, without expending a spell slot, and without a verbal component (but with a somatic component to gesture with the staff).
It can be crafted by combining a scroll of Teleport with a staff, and expending a 9th-level spell slot to bind the two.
the AC of the staff is inherited from the staff used to create it; however, it's markedly more durable, and has three times the HP of the staff used to create it. Nothing in particular happens upon its destruction, except that it becomes unusable.
Per Detect Magic, the staff has a strong aura of conjuration.