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Ring of Greater Stamina
Rarity: Legendary
Aura: Enchantment (strong)
This item is the same as the Ring of Stamina, with the following exceptions.
When worn: all limits or capacities of effects which have a limited number of uses before a rest of any kind (such as spell slots, bardic inspiration, channel divinity, the lucky feat, etc.) have their capacity tripled, in addition to possibly not expending them on use (see the Ring of Stamina). Additionally, the wearer can go any amount of time before rests without accruing levels of exhaustion (they must still eat and drink normally), though a rest of some kind is still required to restore said effects or reduce levels of exhaustion acquired through other means, as usual. The wearer has advantage on any saving throw against an effect which would cause them to sleep, or become fatigued or exhausted.
The added stamina increases the fortitude of the wearer. While worn, the wearer's CON score increases by 4, and they have advantage on saves which would prevent or end a poison effect.
Clerics in the Life domain can create one of these rings by using a modified variant of Bless at the 9th level which takes 8 hours to cast on a mundane ring. After doing so, they may take a level of exhaustion, at the DM's discretion. In addition, deities of the Life domain can create such rings freely, and can be swayed to do so (e.g., via Religion).
When wearing multiple such rings, the effects do not stack.