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Orb of Total Perspective
The orb of total perspective is a pitch black sphere.
While a creature is touching the orb it has blind-sight everywhere, including other planes.
When a creature touches the orb or is otherwise exposed to knowledge from the orb, it makes a DC 30 wisdom save with disadvantage every 5 minutes, starting at the moment of contact and ending when the creature is nolonger recieving information, against a indefinite Shadowfell Despair effect.
The despair effect can be removed only by power-word heal and wish, before recovering the afflicted must pass a DC 20 wisdom save.
The amount of information a creature exposed to the orb can retain should be limeted coresponding to their intelegence, this is hard to quantify so it is left to the DM to decide what is reasonable.
Per detect magic, there is an extremely powerful aura of divination.
This item is inspired by the total perspective vortex from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.