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Greater Chronomancer's Ring
Rarity: Legendary
Aura: Transmutation (Strong)
This item is the same as the Chronomancer's Ring, with the following exceptions.
While wearing the ring, a creature can move their body at the same speed they would while not wearing the ring, but while the world moves 3 times as slow around them. In addition the the Chronomancer's Ring effects, this further grants them:
- Three times their effective movement speed on their turn;
- Three times the damage they would inflict with a melee weapon or unarmed combat, being able to move their hands much faster (this does not translate to increased STR, however--merely speed);
- Up to three non-move-based standard actions and bonus actions on their turn (they may still break up their movement as usual, or dash to double their move speed, sacrificing all standard actions);
- Three reactions between their turns;
- Negation of any effect which would cancel a reaction;
- Negation of any negative effect which would accompany a reaction;
- Disadvantage to the attacker of all opportunity attacks against them if they pass Perception to notice them;
- The ability to hold concentration through inflicted damage not more than one third of their max HP;
- The ability to confuse a creature for a round by speaking to them in a language they can understand, as long as that creature can hear and is paying attention to them (and not, e.g., another attacker);
- One-third the required duration for rests (3 minutes 20 seconds for a short rest, and 2 hours 40 minutes for long); however, they also need to rest three times as often.
The Greater Chronomancer's Ring is created by performing the same 24-hour Time Stop ritual used to create a Chronomancer's Ring on an existing Chronomancer's Ring. Doing the same ritual on a Greater Chronomancer's Ring has no further effect.
If the ring is destroyed, time within 30' of the ring stops at the moment of destruction for 1d4+1 rounds, while any unaffected creature or object can affect them without reaction. Stopped creatures are incapacitated and immovable by force (but they can be teleported), are automatically "willing", automatically fail Perception checks, and have a move speed of 0. When the stop effect ends, they continue moving and acting as if they had before--except any actions done unto them while stopped immediately take effect, including, e.g., WIS or INT saves. Any mindreader which does not require save to read minds will note that the stopped creatures' minds are eerily blank, and only perceive a vague emotion representing their mood at the time they were stopped. A stopped creature which experiences planar travel is unstopped immediately.