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Divine Wand
Rarity: Unique
Aura: Generic (Strong)
This item may vary in appearance, taking the form of a walking stick, large twig, or even a truly ornate polished wand.
This item is attunable; the only prerequisite is being able to cast at least one spell of any kind, including as a feat. Attunement may be achieved by a meditative spell during a short rest. If left in contact with an unattuned creature during a long rest consisting of nonmagical sleep, that creature may have a bizarre dream or nightmare related to it, and in doing so become attuned.
Whenever it is flicked or shaken by a creature holding it: the DM rolls a d20 secretly. If the roll is 1, the DM rolls a magic surge affecting the holding creature as the caster, and the target being the nearest visible creature the caster is shaking the wand at, if they intend to aim toward that creature; otherwise, the "target" is some point in that direction at the DMs discretion. If the roll is 20, check that the holding creature is attuned; if so (and the wand is not damaged--see below), they may pick any known spell from level 0 to 9, and cast it immediately, regardless of material cost or casting time. If the creature is not attuned (on a 20 roll), the DM picks the spell instead, and casts it as before.
Flicking the stick 12 times is a full action. Three rushed flicks may be taken as a bonus action.
Despite its flimsy appearance, the wand is actually extraordinarily durable, having an AC of 20 and an HP of 45. If it is destroyed, roll 2d6 magic surges with no particular caster and create an explosion of 20d10 force damage centered on where the wand was previously intact, in that order. If the wand is damaged, the DM may summon a magic surge or other wild magical effect (such as a wide-range Dispel Magic), and/or roll a percentile on subsequent usage rolls by an attuned creature to cast a spell of the DM's choosing anyway. Notwithstanding destruction, repairing a damaged wand requires Mending cast at level 3 or higher which restores all HP and cancels any "percentile on usage roll" effect.
These wands are divine instruments, and cannot be created by mortals, but also cannot be intentionally controlled by the deities. One usually enters into existence through a Wish which materializes it, or via the sheer will of a deity, who rarely would condone it for fear of such power falling into the hands of one that could destroy them.
Per Detect Magic, this wand has a strong aura, but no particular school affiliation.