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Bracers of Dabbing
Rarity: Legendary+
Aura: Evocation (Strong)
These bracers fit comfortably around the arms of the creature for which they were sized--most tend to fit Medium sized creatures, but Small and Large ones can be found, albeit less frequently. They appear a brilliant, shiny gold, and never tend to become dirty.
While worn, when dabbing on a target creature within 15': that creature takes 1d10 force damage, 1d6 psychic damage, and, if your size or smaller, makes a DEX save, DC 15; on fail: the creature is pushed 5' back and knocked prone. This effect is accompanied by a sharp gust of wind in a 15' long, 5' wide line in the same direction, which may knock over or move loose items 5lb or less in weight.
You can dab on a creature as an action and/or as a bonus action.
A creature which is T-posing cannot be targeted.
These bracers can only be summoned by a Wish, or the will of a deity.
The bracers themselves have an AC of 13 and an HP of 25. When destroyed: the wearer, if any, gets dabbed on by all non-incapacitated creatures other than the wearer with arms (or analogous forelimbs) within 15', taking 2d10 force damage and 2d6 psychic damage per dab and buffeting items as before. If any such creatures exist, the wearer makes a DEX save, DC 10 plus 5 per each such creature; on fail: the wearer is pushed 5' away from each such creature (in no particular order) and knocked prone (and into the fetal position, at the DM's discretion). For this effect, the non-wearer creatures are immune to each others' dabs, and the wearer having been T-posing does not avoid the effect.
Per Detect Magic, the bracers have a strong aura of evocation.