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import sys
from flask import Flask, render_template, request, redirect
from items import get_items, get_worlds
from random import choice, sample
if sys.version_info.major < 3:
app = Flask(__name__)
def style():
return render_template('style.css')
def index():
featureType = choice(["Item","Place","Spell"])
item = choice(get_items("../"+featureType+"s/*"))
return render_template('index.html',featureType=featureType,featureText=item)
@app.route('/search', methods=['POST'])
def search():
typ = request.form['type']
query = request.form['inputText']
print(typ + ": " + query)
results = []
for direct in ["../Items/*","../Places/*","../Spells/*"]:
objects = get_items(direct)
for (name,heads,body) in objects:
if typ == "name":
if query.lower() in name.lower():
elif typ == "rarity":
if "rarity" in [h[0].lower() for h in heads]:
if query.lower() in [h[1].lower() for h in heads if h[0].lower() == "rarity"]:
elif typ == "aura":
if "aura" in [h[0].lower() for h in heads]:
if query.lower() in [h[1].lower() for h in heads if "aura" in h[0].lower()][0]:
elif typ == "text":
if query.lower() in body.lower():
print("Number of results: " + str(len(results)))
featureType = choice(["Item","Place","Spell"])
item = choice(get_items("../"+featureType+"s/*"))
return render_template('index.html',featureType=featureType,featureText=item, searchResults=results)
def marches():
return render_template('marches.html', worlds=get_worlds())
def marchWorld(world):
worldDir = "../Worlds/"+world
#copy <worldname>.png from world.png into static
player_list = ["INVALID1","INVALID2","INVALID3"]
image_map = [(10,20,35),(50,40,20)] #(x,y,r)
log_list = [("5/3/19",[("Josh Gordon","bottom text"),("Anthony Rinaldo","lorem ipsum")])] # :: [(Date,[(CharacterName,String)])]
return render_template("marchWorld.html",worldname=world,players=player_list,imap=image_map,logs=log_list)
def bucket_route(uri, dir, sing=None):
if sing is None:
sing = dir[:-1] # minus "s"
path = '../' + dir + '/*'
root = '/' + uri
def render_bucket():
return render_template('listing.html', title=dir, uri=uri, items=get_items(path))
app.add_url_rule(root, 'render_' + uri, render_bucket)
def random_bucket():
nm = choice(get_items(path))[0]
return redirect(root + '#' + nm)
app.add_url_rule(root + '/random', 'random_' + uri, random_bucket)
def bucket_table(amt):
return render_template('table.html', title=sing + ' Table', items=sample(get_items(path), amt), roll=amt)
except ValueError:
return render_template('table.html', title='you dun goofed', error="Can't construct that table (not enough items?)")
app.add_url_rule(root + '/table/<int:amt>', dir + '_table', bucket_table)
bucket_route('items', 'Items')
bucket_route('places', 'Places')
bucket_route('characters', 'Characters')
bucket_route('spells', 'Spells')
bucket_route('feats', 'Feats')
if __name__ == "__main__":