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Kind: Evocation 4
Time: 1 action
Range: 30'
Components: V, S, M (a thin, fibrous gem strand, as fiberglass)
Duration: 10 minutes
You target one creature within range that you can see; if the target is unwilling, it must make a DEX SAV against your spellcasting DC.
On a failed save, or if the creature is willing: a loose weave of magical force entangles the creature. For the duration, the creature has disadvantage on attack rolls, its walk speed is halved, and all other speeds are set to 0'. If the creature was flying, it falls immediately; if it was swimming, it may either buoy or sink.
(Creatures so entangled often appear to be struggling against such invisible force, and may trip or falter on them. Creatures with large, clumsy limbs, especially the wings of true dragons, cannot unfurl them for the duration.)
The weave is made of rugged magical force, similar in many ways to the substance of a Wall of Force: it is immune to all damage, cannot be burst with any STR check, immune to most spell effects, and cannot be dispelled. Disintegration, however, immediately destroys it.
At higher levels: Add +5 to the DEX SAV DC for each level beyond the 4th for which this spell is cast. Additionally, the duration increases at 6th level (1 hour) and 8th level (8 hours).
This is almost a direct translation of Wingbind from "Draconomicon: the Book of Dragons" (3.5e material), modified to use 5e statistics and terminology. It was imported mostly due to the note in Movement Bind (see).
This is entirely intended to deal with large winged beasts--dragons come to mind (and, in the Forgotten Realms, especially 3.5e material, some dragons have been known to use this against each other--see Arauthator, "Old White Death", in the Wyrms of the North series, though the spell cited there has still different wording). This, in combination with Slow, is likely to be devastating.