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Silent Majority
Kind: Necromancy 9
Time: 1 action
Range: 500 feet
Components: V,S,M (A dagger made out of black diamond, worth at least 20,000 gold)
Duration: Special, requires concentration
You stab yourself with the dagger, and begin to lose accelerating HP per round. You take one force damage on the first round, two on the second round, three on the third, etc. This damage does not affect your concentration.
The spirits of all humanoid creatures who have died within a 500 foot radius in the last 100 years appear as wraiths under your control. The wraiths dissipate when the spell ends, and their souls are lost forever. As a consequence, casting this spell twice in the same area does nothing.
The spell cannot be ended by the user's choice; it goes until the user drops below 0 HP, or dispel magic is cast on the user at the 9th level. This spell is unaffected by antimagic field.
The user can be healed to extend the spell's duration, but they must be careful not to be immediately killed by dropping too far into negative HP.