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Movement Bind
Kind: Abjuration 5
Time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M (a fine metal chain worth at least 100gp)
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 hour
You target one creature you can touch; if the target is unwilling, it must make a WIS save against your spellcasting DC.
On a failed save, or if the creature is willing: for the duration, the creature's entire movement over a given round is limited by the maximum natural speed granted by its race (ground speed, fly speed, swim speed, burrow speed, etc.), plus the Unarmored Movement granted by Monk level and/or Fast Movement granted by Barbarian Level, if applicable. The effective range of all spell effects which induce motion (such as Teleport, Dimension Door, Misty Step, etc.) also becomes so limited, and the target is unable to shift planes.
At higher levels: add +5 to the WIS save DC for each level beyond the 5th for which the spell is cast.
This is the first spell I wrote for the campaign. It was mostly designed to defeat Aust's Eldritch Constitution (having at-will Teleport), but it could come in handy in other situations--mostly anyone or anything which can annoyingly Dimension Door, Misty Step, Plane Shift, etc..
It notably does not work to slow down, e.g., a dragon which is able to outrun/outfly you. Use Slow for that. The effect of both would be quite powerful, if needed. If a fly speed of 40' is still too fast for you, consider Wingbind (Draconomicon: the Book of Dragons, p. 81--a custom 5e port is included in this distribution).
I credit Anthony M. with the idea for this spell--especially since it gave me the motivation to start making spells for this campaign.