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Extended Magic Aura
Kind: Illusion 2
Time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M (a small square of silk)
Duration: 24h
This spell can do everything Nystul's Magic Aura can; however, when choosing the "False Aura" option, this spell endows the caster an additional "school" as an option, which is idiosyncratic to the caster. Each caster can readily identify their own aura, and--upon acquaintance--identify auras belonging to other casters (without revealing the casters' identities themselves).
Per Detect Magic, as with False Aura, this "unique" aura becomes visible, distinct from any well-known school.
If cast on a potion: the aura also influences the fluid appearance.
At higher levels:
- 3rd: the duration increases to 7 days.
- 4th: the duration increases to 30 days.
- 5th: the duration increases to 180 days.
- 6th: the duration increases to a calendary year.
- 7th: the duration increases to ten years.
- 8th: the duration increases to a millenium.
- 9th: the duration becomes "until dispelled".