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Kind: Abjuration 5
Time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Components: V, S
Duration: 10 minutes
Lists: Wizard, Sorcerer, Druid
Target one creature you can touch; if that creature is unwilling, you must succeed on a touch attack against it, and it must fail a CHA save--otherwise, the cast and spell slot are wasted, and no effect occurs. You know whether or not the creature succeeded or failed on the save (or was willing).
If the creature you touch is polymorphed by means of Shapechange or Polymorph, or an ability that confers similar behavior, the creature immediately reverts to its true form, and that spell, if any, ends. A creature under the effect of True Polymorph can also be targeted, but only for the duration of that spell--once the transformation becomes permanent, its true form is set.
Regardless of whether or not the creature was shapechanged at the time, the creature cannot change form for the duration of this spell, by any means short of a Wish.
At higher levels:
- 6th: the duration is 1 day.
- 7th: the duration is 30 days.
- 8th: the duration is 180 days.
- 9th: the duration is "until dispelled", which can only be done by Dispel Magic cast at the 9th level.
Multiple casts do not extend the duration from the end of the previous effect; the effect remains until the latest cast's duration ends. Casting Dispel Magic at the 9th level, in addition to removing the effect of any 9th-level casts, also removes any other effects of this spell, so long as this effect is targeted.
This spell has never seen use, so beware the balance.
Note that Dispel Magic can do the same thing, but the check is different (you make a check with your spellcasting ability, DC 10 + the spells level--since most of these spells are 9th level, and the lowest is 7th, that can be tricky if your spellcasting mod is low). The biggest thing this spell brings to the table is the ability to "lock out" an innate shapechanger, who could otherwise just expend their action changing shape again on their next turn (unless you already have them incapacitated). That's a small difference in combat--shape changing consumes an action and gives tempo to the other parties--but it can be very important if you plan on, e.g., capturing a shapechanger.
Having an innate shapeshifter targeted by this spell at the 9th level (and thus utterly unable to change shape--most monsters with this ability don't have access to 9th level spell slots) might be good world-building fodder. (If one of them does have 9th level spell slots, consider throwing one of the leaded restraints in, too, if you're feeling particularly cruel.)