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Temple of Constant Explosions
The Temple of Constant Explosions is located on a remote continent, in the middle of a jungle devoid of animals or people.
Just like a water temple is full of water, or a fire temple is full of fire, the Temple of Constant Explosions is constantly exploding.
It was constructed by an ancient society of proto-dwarves, intended to be the ultimate mining tool. This was discerned from the glyphs around
the outside of the structure, depicting a great beam firing downwards and tunneling out the entire planet's crust.
The temple stands 150 feet tall, with 600 feet long base sides.
The temple is made of several large steps, like the Aztec pyramids. The material is a bleached yellow, and immune to explosions.
The temple can be heard for 20 miles.
No one knows what treasures lie inside the temple, but it is reasoned that said treasures are of the blast resistant variety.