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Eldritch Constitution:
- Your Constitution becomes 20 if it is lower than 20
- You can cast Alter Self as a bounus action without expending spell slots or material components when Alter Self is cast in this way it can be cast without verbal or somatic components, but must be a deliberate bounus action
- You become Immortal and can only die if you explictily and with the knowledge of the consequences choose to die
- You stop aging
- You become immune to all poisons and diseases
- At the start of each of your turns or every 6 seconds when outside of combat you regain 20% of your Maximum Health
- Any missing limbs or body parts regrow back at the start of your turn or after 6 seconds when not in combat
- If your body is completly destroyed, your can pick a location that you know about to generate a body of your own design at that location and then your soul inhabits that body
- You can teleport as an action at will to any place you have been to that is on the same plane of existance. This will always result in arriving at the destination if it exists. This also can only be stopped by the caster. Even if you can not take actions you can take this as an action
- when you reduce an opponent's health to zero you may absorb an abillity or spell from them
- when attacked you can use your reaction to cast power word kill on the attacker before damage is dealt