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Unseen Glasses
Unseen Glasses are a rare artifact of the ancient deep gnomes. Their appearance differs from user to user, but they tend to be glasses shaped. Tend to be.
A pair of Unseen Glasses must be custom made for a user (or wished into existence). If their user ever views them, they lose all magical power and become regular glasses. They are generally stored in opaque, sealed containers.
When equipped, namely put over the user's (closed) eyes, the user becomes invisible, intangible, and absolutely immune to all divination magic. Furthermore, the user gains the ability to see through the eyes of any creature within 300ft.
The user must be very careful that nothing nearby can see invisible objects; that might create the awkward situation of both losing an expensive magic item and also getting caught eyejacking.
The most dangerous part of using Unseen Glasses is near creatures not of this world. You may not be prepared to see what they see.
The glasses have AC 10 and 5 HP.
Per detect magic, the glasses have a strong aura of divination and transmutation.