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Teleport Artifact
Rarity: Very Rare
Aura: Conjuration (Strong) but, if combined into a Scrying Artifact, becomes as faint as the latter's Divination aura
These artifacts take many forms; they may be mundane stones, precious gems, orbs, jewelry (including rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.).
As an action, the creator of this artifact can summon it back to a location within 60' that they can see. As with Teleport, up to 8 creatures within 10' of the artifact (including whichever may be carrying it) may also teleport, either if they are willing, or fail a WIS save against the spellcaster's spell DC. This can only be done once: when this effect is used, the enchantment from the artifact is lifted, and it becomes a mundane item again (or merely a Scrying Artifact if it is a combined artifact; see below).
A Teleport Artifact is created bu combining a base item and a scroll of Teleport, and expending a 9th-level spell slot to bind them together. The "creator" is considered the creature that expends this 9th-level spell slot; they can only do this once per long rest. If a scroll of Sequester is combined into this as well, the item becomes hard to detect as well (see below). If both a scroll of Sequester and a scroll of Scrying are combined, the artifact also gains the function of a Scrying Artifact (see), and has a combined aura.
Per Detect Magic, the artifact has a strong aura of conjuration, unless a scroll of Sequester was combined with it, in which case the conjuration aura is very faint--taking Perception DC 30 to observe in normal lighting, or DC 25 in dim or dark lighting.