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Tabula Rasa
Rarity: Rare
Aura: Enchantment
A tabula rasa is a stone slab with a smooth face and runes etched around the side.
Every six seconds staring at the smooth face, make a wisdom save with DC 14 + (consecutive seconds staring)/6.
If this save is failed, roll on the memory loss table.
1 - Forget the past week
2 - Forget the past month
3 - Forget the past year
4 - Forget own identity
5 - Forget all geographic knowledge
6 - Forget a random language you speak
7 - Forget identities of allies
8 - Full retrograde amnesia
Lost memories can be regained through Greater Restoration.
If a tabula rasa is destroyed, all creatures in a 10 foot radius have the same fake memory (chosen by the DM) implanted.
AC 10 and 15 HP