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Sword of Pay to Win
Rarity: Common
Aura: Conjuration (Faint) and Divination (Faint) on hilt only
This item appears to be a standard steel longsword, but it has a slot in the hilt, large enough to fit all common denominations of currency.
The base damage of the sword is 1d4. However, if a coin is inserted, for the next hour, the damage changes according to the denomination of the coin:
- 1cp grants 1d6 damage;
- 1sp grants 1d8 damage, and the weapon gains the "silvered" status;
- 1gp grants 1d10 damage;
- 1pp grants 1d12 damage, and the weapon becomes +2 magical additionally.
The slot closes after you insert the coin, opening again when the hour has expired. Inserting the coin is a free action.
If a counterfeit coin is inserted, the sword remains at 1d4 damage, and additionally causes disadvantage with attacks made by it (it actively avoids hitting other creatures). This effect lasts for the usual hour. The slot remains open, but the counterfeit coin is gone.
While wielding the sword: the wielder may occasionally hear about the latest and best offers of nearby businesses, shops, stores, and so forth, from an incorporeal voice.
Although precautions are taken to avoid such tracking, the coins ultimately end up in the lair of an unscrupulous, avaricious gnome who mass-produces these swords and sends them widely to market. The money is vaulted away, but the gnome promises to any visiting creatures (in Common) deals and steals of various sorts, like the ability to purchase experience points, or a Certificate of Prerequisite to take a feat or multiclass. The gnome also has a proficient INT skill for determining the class of a creature on sight, if any, and may tailor their offers to that class.
The AC and HP are as for a typical longsword.
Per Detect Magic, the sword's hilt has a faint aura of conjuration and divination. No other part of the sword has an aura.