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Sequester Box
An ornate locking box. The box has a condition on it to be unlocked. It can be attempted to be opened by a DC 15 strength check. If it is forced open in this way the box is empty. When pieces of a damaged box are put back together they automatically merge back to a sealed state. When the condition is met the box opens and reveals it's contents, until that condition is met the boxes contents can not be obtained. In order to break the spell on the box one must cast dispel magic twice at 9th level. The boxes contents appear to be under the effects of the sequester spell and mordikiens private sanctum until the condition for the box unlocking is met.If the box is closed after the condition is met, it closes again until the condition is met again. The condition can be any condition used by the sequester spell.
This item can be created by using a scroll of Sequester, a scroll of demiplane, a scroll of mordikens private sanctum and a scroll of mending which are bound to a box with 2 9th level spell.
Per Detect Magic the box has a very strong aura of abjuration