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Scrying Artifact
Rarity: Very Rare
Aura: Divination (Perception DC 30 in normal light, or DC 25 in dim or dark light)
These artifacts take many forms; they may be mundane stones, precious gems, orbs, jewelry (including rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.).
The item must be attuned, which can occur with a meditation with the item, or intense study of its properties. When it attunes to a creature, any other creature it may have been attuned to is no longer attuned. If the previously attuned creature was scrying through this artifact, that spell is immediately cancelled.
The attuned creature can, as a bonus action, change their viewpoint to any of the scrying artifacts they are attuned with. As a free action, they can move that viewpoint anywhere within 10' of the artifact itself. They can see and hear as if they were there, but cannot see and hear through their own senses. If they are damaged, their viewpoint immediately returns to their own body.
A scrying artifact can be created by combining the base item, a scroll of Scrying, a scroll of Sequester, and a 9th level spell slot to bind all of them together. This can be done only once per long rest. If a scroll of Teleport is additionally combined, the artifact gains the function of a Teleport Artifact (see), and has a combined aura.
The artifact retains its usual AC and HP. When destroyed, the spell is dispelled, and any creatures who may be scrying through it have their viewpoint returned to their own body.
Per Detect Magic, the artifact has a very faint aura of divination; in normal lighting, it takes Perception DC 30 to observe; in dim or dark lighting, it takes Perception DC 25.