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Scroll of Misfortune
This scroll is 24" wide, and made of yellowed parchment with tears around the edges.
Unfurled, it contains an incantation that, when read either by accident or by someone with the intent to hurt you, causes an unfortunate event to occur to you.
The event is decided at the time of the scroll's creation, and may or may not take place depending on the specifics of the event (A kraken cannot attack you in the desert)
Severity of events are limited by the type of Scroll of Misfortune. Several types are known to exists:
Scroll of Lesser Misfortune:
Events fitting to lesser misfortune include stubbing your toe, dropping whatever item you're holding, taking disadvantage on a roll, falling to the ground, breaking a delicate object you are handling, etc.
A Scroll of Lesser Misfortune is easy to produce; you must place the parchment under a mirror worth at least 25gp, write the incantation, and break the mirror over the scroll.
Scroll of Misfortune:
Events fitting to standard misfortune include hitting yourself with your own weapon, fizzling a spell you are casting, being attacked by wild animals, taking a natural 1 on a check, or forgetting something important.
Producing a Scroll of Misfortune is moderately challenging; you must kill a black cat as it walks over the parchment, and write the incantation in it's blood. Following this, you must spill a salt shaker containing magical salts worth at least 100gp over the scroll.
Scroll of Great Misfortune:
Events fitting to great misfortune include being attacked by a boss monster, getting struck by lightning, taking a natural 1 on any roll, sudden retrograde amnesia, rolling on the magic surge table, etc.
Producing a Scroll of Great Misfortune is a very difficult task; you need to carry the parchment with the written incantation and walk under a ladder 43 times. Each time you walk under the ladder, there is a 5% chance you suffer any effect of lesser misfortune, a 1% chance you suffer an effect of standard misfortune, and an ironic .2% chance of suffering great misfortune itself. Because of this reason, these scrolls tend to be sold for 1000gp as hazard pay.
The scroll has AC 10 and 4 HP. When destroyed, it's effect happens on whoever or whatever destroyed it.
Per detect magic, the scroll has either a mild, standard, or intense aura of enchantment.