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Ring of Greater Enlargement/Reduction
Rarity: Legendary+
Aura: Transmutation (strong)
This ring is the same as the Ring of Enlargement/Reduction, with the following exceptions.
Unlike the separate Rings of Enlargement or Reduction, there is only one kind of Ring of Greater Enlargement/Reduction.
When equipped: the creature can, as an action, change its size up to three classes larger or smaller from its original size. (For example, an originally-Medium creature may change its size to any of Diminutive, Tiny, Small, Medium (cancelling the effect), Large, Huge, or Gargantuan.)
This effect does not stack with the effects of other Rings of Greater Enlargement/Reduction, but does stack with typical Rings of Enlargement/Reduction, and effects of the Enlarge/Reduce spell.
The ring can be created from a progenitor ring only by three simultaneous 9th level casts of Enlarge/Reduce; the details are otherwise the same as for the Ring of Enlargement/Reduction.
The ring inherits the AC and HP of the progenitor. When destroyed while worn: roll 1d2; if 1, the change in size caused by this ring becomes permanent. In either case, the effect of this ring then ends.
Per Detect Magic, the ring has a strong aura of transmutation.