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Ring of Enlargement/Reduction
Rarity: Very Rare
Aura: Transmutation
These rings appear to be nondescript precious metal bands; often, they are sized for the largest finger of a medium humanoid creature, which may fit it to the smallest finger of a large humanoid creature, or on the thick thumbs of a small humanoid creature.
When equipped: a Ring of Enlargment enlarges a creature, or a Ring of Reduction reduces the size of a creature, as with the spell Enlarge/Reduce. No save prevents the effect, and it lasts until the ring is unequipped. For the purpose of the spell, the ring counts as "worn" and changes size correspondingly.
The effects of multiple rings stack, as does it stack with effects of the Enlarge/Reduce spell. However, finding rings to fit progressively larger than Large, or smaller than Small, creatures quickly becomes daunting.
Such a ring can be created by a modified form of three simultaneous casts of Enlarge/Reduce at at least the 5th level (presumably by three synchronized casters), or two simultaneous casts of the same at 7th level. It can also be made with a single modified cast at the 9th level by a single caster. In all cases, the spell retains its usual V, S, M (pinch of powdered iron) components, and additionally requires M (the progenitor ring), which becomes the Ring of Enlargement/Reduction. The duration remains 1 action. The choice of a Ring of Enlargement or Ring of Reduction is made at casting time.
The ring inherits the AC and HP of its progenitor ring. On destruction, the effect merely ends.
Per Detect Magic, the ring has an aura of transmutation.