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Focus of the Blood Mage
Rarity: Very Rare
Aura: Necromancy
This item takes the form of a class-specific spellcasting focus, but usually comes as an amulet or pendant on a necklace, where it appears to be made of a cloudy gem or a dark, dramatically-colored polished stone. A unique rune is inscribed on one face.
As a bonus action, the wielder can convert some of their vitality to spell slots; the rune glows red when used this way. Roll 1d10 - 1; the wielder chooses a spell slot of this level or lower that they are missing to restore. (If the roll is 0, or all spell slots of that level or lower are replenished, this bonus action is wasted without effect. Otherwise, however, the wielder must choose a spell slot to replenish when taking this bonus action.) The wielder takes force damage equal to the square of the spell slot level which they restore. This damage cannot be reduced or blocked.
Such foci are created (and often used) by "blood mages", arcane casters (often wizards) who cast powerful spells using their vitality as a resource, and who are often considered a frightening force on the battlefield for both their powerful spells and their fierce vigor--as well as their mythical penchant for dying valiantly while pulling the last of their health to slay entire armies. The ritual is usually guarded, but usually involves taking a surface (usually a small gem or polished stone), scratching a specific rune into it, spilling one's blood on the focus, and performing a 10-minute ritual that involves expending a 9th-level spell slot and taking 81 damage. The ritual can only be done once per day.
The focus retains its usual AC and HP. When attacked, but not destroyed, make an attack roll against the attacking creature, if any; on a hit, the creature takes 1d8 necrotic damage.
Per Detect Magic, the focus has an aura of necromancy.