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Flask of Smells
Rarity: Uncommon
Aura: Enchantment (Faint)
This item appears to be a small, opaque flask, about the size of a small potion or flask of Alchemist's Fire.
Whenever the flask is open, and a creature with a sense of smell insufflates from its mouth: roll on a table for the scent it emits at that moment. The DM chooses this table on the item's creation.
The flask can be created with the expense of a third-level spell slot of Enchantment school: verbal, somatic, material (the flask itself, which is enchanted, as well as various odorous substances which are consumed), duration of 1 round.
Per detect magic, the flask has a faint aura of enchantment.
It has AC 5, HP 2. When broken, its noxious contents spill out; creatures in 15' of the spill that can smell and which the odor can reach roll CON save DC 15--on fail, lose a round to vomiting from intense smell.
An example table follows:
d6: (Cheyenne 11-2018)
1: Purple (literally the color) and Blood
2: Clean
3: Meat
4: Sexy bitch [the dog?]
5: Shit
6: Undead
A slightly saner table:
d8: (Grissess 11-2018)
1: Dirt
2: A fancy perfume
3: Carion
4: Whatever meal the smeller last ate, if any
5: A rose
6: An elderly person
7: Sewage
8: (The DM describes a percept, not necessarily scent, that would occur had that player actively rolled a nat 20 on Perception)
A slightly less sane table:
d4: (Josh 02-2019)
1: You smell a tabletop role-playing game being played
2: You smell whatever was there a year prior
3: You smell whatever will be there a year later
4: You lose your sense of smell for one day