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Die of Augury
Rarity: Very Rare
Aura: Divination
This item looks like a tetrahedron (a d4), often made of precious stone, and with cryptic symbols inlaid at the vertices of each face. Each vertex represents one of the four results of the Augury spell: Weal, Woe, Weal and Woe, and Nothing--but the script in which it is written is normally an esoteric language.
When the die is cast, if the caster speaks aloud a proposed course of action while doing so, the die lands with the vertex up which corresponds to the result of a cast of Augury. As with Augury, if this is used multiple times per day, there is a cumulative 25% chance that the reading is random. The counter of uses for each die is separate, and separate also from any caster's own counter for the Augury spell, if they can cast it.
Casting the die in any other way (such as letting it fall, drop from a table, etc.), or casting it without proposing aloud a course of action, results in a random reading.
Dice of this sort are often carved from the finest bones of great seers and diviners; the symbols they scratch on them usually come from some otherworldly entity channeled through the creators. As long as there is a willing deity who is overseeing the process, a mortal can create such a die using a base die and expending three consecutive 7th level spell slots on modified casts of Augury, each of which takes 10 minutes, with the details of this process often received from the overseer. The deity's willingness is often affected by how ornate and appropriate the die looks, and this permission is rarely given casually.
The die is immune to all physical damage (bludgeoning, piercing, slashing), as well as magical damage which is the result of a 6th or lower level spell. It has AC 18 and usually about 20 HP, depending on the material. Destroying such a die often angers a powerful being.
Per Detect Magic, the die has an aura of divination.