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Travel Rules
Campaigns: West Marches
Every location on the map has an (x,y) coordinate. Travel time is computed using the relevant travel time table in the campaign info document. The distance metric used is euclidean distance, for those who will ask.
For every day traveled, each character will need food and water. If these are not acquired, one exhaustion level is gained.
If the party is traveling slowly, they can either forage or move stealthily.
When foraging, have a player with the highest survival skill make a check against the foraging dc table in the campaign info document. If the check passes, they find enough food and water for 1d6 + proficiency people. If the check passes by 5 or more, they take 6 for the d6 roll.
When moving stealthily, have each player make a stealth check, and use the median value against any perception check on the party as they travel.