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Campaigns: West Marches
When time advances and a character is not on a mission, they can participate in a downtime activity. Downtime activities are as follows:
Work - You gain 2d8 times proficiency gold for each day worked.
Study Trade - You gain proficiency in a tool for every two weeks of downtime. You can learn up to your int mod number of tools this way.
Study Language - You learn a language in an amount of time dependent on the language acquisition table in the campaign info document. You can learn up to your int mod number of languages this way.
Craft Item - You use tools you are proficient in to create an item. This takes (the item's price divided by 50) days, and costs half the price. Magic items cannot be obtained this way.
Train - You practice your fighting to gain xp. You gain (xp to get from your level to next level)/20 xp per day, up to a maximum per downtime session of the xp gained in the last excursion by the party.
Custom - Do whatever. Talk to the DM about it.