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Campaigns: West Marches
Construction can be ordered by the party and will progress during downtime. There are five types of construction.
Military - Has a sphere of influence and a combat rating. Within the radius travelable in the specific time, the military will prevent encounters that give less xp than its combat rating. If all encounters for an area are prevented, the area is made Safe. Can be constructed anywhere; see the military construction table in the campaign info document.
Settlement - Civilizes an area and will provide the players with supplies and lodging. Can be built within a military sphere of influence in a Safe area. A settlement costs 10000 gold to build and takes 3 days + travel time to set up. See the settlement construction table in the campaign info document for upgrades.
Road - Reduces travel time and connects settlements to civilization. Can be built at 1/10th travel speed for 20 gold per mile in any Safe area.
Bridge - Can be built in a Safe area. See the bridge construction table in the campaign info document.
Custom - Build a something. Talk to the DM about it.