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Elemental Plane of China
The Elemental Plane of China takes the form of endless high rises with cameras everywhere.
It is not known if the ground exists, or if the drop off of a building goes down forever.
Many a factory worker attempts to find out.
The atmosphere is entirely smog.
While in the Elemental Plane of China, you take 2d12 poison damage every 6 seconds, as well as 2d4 psychic damage from surveillance.
Upon entrance to the plane, all items on you that reference the Tiananmen Square Massacre, Winnie the Pooh, or the LGBT community get confiscated and are destroyed.
The plane is inhabited by Chinese spies and factory workers, although the spies do not make themselves shown.
Inhabitants are human, and speak Chinese.
Spy sattelites fly overhead, watching other planes.
While in the Elemental Plane of China, items are sold for approximately half as much, but are more frequently damaged or cursed.