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Pirate Skirmisher
CR: 1/2
Size: Medium
Type: Humanoid
Align: Neutral Evil
AC: 14
HP: 22
Speed: walk 30ft
Str: 12
Dex: 16
Con: 11
Int: 8
Wis: 10
Cha: 9
Senses: Vision 60ft, Passive Perception 10
Descript {
Your average pirate crewmember. Loyal to the captain as long as they're paid, and willing to plunder and pillage.
Likely has an eyepatch, and perhaps a peg leg.
Actions {
Cutlass {
Kind Melee Weapon
Hit +6
Reach 5'
Damage 1d8+4 slashing
Pistol {
Kind Ranged Weapon
Hit +6
Range 30'
Damage 1d6 piercing
Special {
Flintlock pistols are not very reliable. On a hit roll of 1, the pistol jams and is unusable.
Notes {
You need to go to town with the voices for these guys.
Use a large crew for a pirate ship also. These guys are not very strong, but the pistols add up.