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Wand of Deletion
Rarity: Legendary+
Aura: Abjuration (Strong)
"delet this" - Anonymous ancient scholar
This item may vary in appearance, taking the form of a walking stick, large twig, or even a truly ornate polished wand.
The wand has at most 5 charges. At the end of the day, all spent charges are restored. If all charges are expended, roll a d20; on 1: the wand disintegrates; on 20: the wand becomes a Divine Wand.
When held: the holder may expend one charge and an action to target an item within 60' that it can perceive; if that item is held by a creature, it may contest (DEX(Acrobatics) of wand holder vs. DEX SAV of item holder, ties to the item holder). On a failed save, or if the item isn't held, it simply disappears, leaving no trace. On a passed save, the item holder may spend their reaction (if any) to fire a handgun as an Attack action at the wand holder (one appears for the duration of the reaction if the item holder does not have one). [The handgun is a simple ranged mundane weapon, +1 to hit, 2d10 damage, versatile 2d12.] If the item holder choses to do so, it may simultaneously yell "DELETE THIS" (failing any Stealth checks) to gain advantage on the attack roll.
The wand has an AC of 10 and an HP of 15. When destroyed, the most recent holder (whether or not they used it) is deleted, leaving no held or equipped items, or resurrectable body parts.
The only known method of creation is by a Wish, or divine intervention.
Per Detect Magic, this wand has a strong aura of abjuration.