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Anchored Mithril
Anchored mithril is a mithril alloy that can be used to make weapons and armor, and has a resistance to movement.
When an anchored mithril weapon hits a creature, some of the material stays on the creature and holds them in place.
The alloy was developed by deep gnome metallurgists in an effort to contain their own creations among other hard to hold onto anomalies.
A weapon made of anchored mithril grants a +1 to attack and damage, and upon hit, slows the target creature by 10 ft/round and inhibits teleportation.
A creature that tries to teleport within 2 rounds of being struck by an anchored mithril weapon must succeed on a DC 16 constitution check; on success, they take 1d6 damage and teleport, and on failure they stay where they are.
Armor made of anchored mithril slows the wearer by 10 ft/round, but makes them immune to being teleported.
The movement resistance cancels out the lightweight benefits of regular mithril, and objects made of anchored mithril weigh as they normally would and impose the same conditions due to weight.
Anchored mithril weaponry cannot be made magical to stack the bonuses to attack and damage, and does not count as magical for the purposes of damage resistance.