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Item of Project Exposition
Author: Grm
Game: Weak
Memes: Dank
Thug: North
This item appears to be an attempt at describing my MP* progress through the semester (despite having not taken it for credit, but that aside...)
Although I've been intentionally avoiding maintaining any services, I've had a little bit of fun trying to keep up with whatever changes were happening. Roll a d20, and choose from the following list of services I've had a little part in maintaining, observing, or setting up:
1: Victim (way too much fun)
2: Talos (yes, that's still up to date somehow)
3: Atlas (because it needs to sync Talos, I guess)
4: DnD Archive (you're looking at this now)
5: Pluto (still needs some security features)
6: VoIP (because you need to listen to GRAND DAD in 8kHz GSM)
7: swf2 (physically--I set it on rails. I feel stronk.)
8: Fsuvius (which was magically not deleted after I sqlite'd too hard)
9: Automated Reasoning Project (I wrote broken Rust and some documentation)
10: President's Challenge Project (audio recording, video editing, and animation--all with free software!)
11: Wishlist (though I technically only broke it)
12: Electrical Age (SHAFT CLUTCHES)
13: Undocs (gabe and i are fiting for contribution counts)
14: Project Challenge (helped some kids do scratch on a weekend)
15: Library (pitched the project c:)
16: OS stuff (labs!)
17: Lua Evenchur (the phone-tree text adventure!)
Reroll any number higher than 17.
In addition, I'm sometimes very verbose, and other times I'm very, very verbose. Roll a CON SAV vs. being bored while I list off all these forum topics this semester:
- Reintroducing WebGL Tennis! (Baha's old graphics game that was competitive for a while)
- Fun with libaa/caca (How to truly appreciate the Linux Framebuffer Terminal Emulator and play Doom at the same time)
- i3pystatus (my colorful i3 status bar)
- CONNECT TO THE NEW OPEN WIRELESS NETWORK (how to use hostapd and select hardware for doing that)
- Servicing the markers (how to fill our refillable markers)
- Moonscript (A scripting language that lowers to Lua and adds tons of terse and useful syntax)
- (Not) Playing Chip8 Games in Sol (what it says on the tin)
- SELinux coloring book (the best documentation for this NSA project is designed for children)
If you pass the save, take only half SAN damage.
When this item is read: everyone does the following actions on their turn in order:
- Breathes oxygen like the plants do too;
- Dabs on Brian;
- Replaces Ranthony's diploma with a scroll that summons Cthulu;
- Tries to out-moutho Jared.
Normally, I put a game into my MP* project pages, like the COSI EVENCHUR of yore, TANKS, or SPESS INVADERS. Since I don't have time for that right now, join me instead for a one shot of Tails of Equestria. I'll be playing a red-and-black alicorn OC DMPC who always wins, but the person who gets second gets advantage on INT saves versus their finals.