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Perfect Plane Shift
Clerics, Warlocks, Druids, Sorcerers, and Wizards at (or sufficiently near) level 20, and familiar with the destination (as would be determined by the familiarity table of Teleport) can use two consecutive actions and two casts of Plane Shift to teleport to a familiar destination on the same plane. This teleportation occurs without error.
The Plane Shifting creature must pass through a different plane, the "transitory plane", to achieve the full teleport. Clerics and Warlocks typically pass through the plane of their deity without incident. Druids, Sorcerers, and Wizards may earn some ire by transiting through the domain of some powerful, unknown being; roll a d100, on 1: the Plane Shift succeeds, but invokes the wrath of some extraplanar entity (e.g., a devil of Baator, a Githyanki invasion, a deity themself) in doing so. The exact consequences depend on the entity, but can range from a smoldering enmity to an immediate attack--potentially using the Plane Shifter's own portal.
For this to work, two tuning forks are required, as per the components of Plane Shift. The Material Plane tuning fork is extremely easy to manufacture and to come by; the one for the transitory plane depends. Powerful religious orders may be able to reliably create the tuning fork to the plane of their deity, and some exacting arcane casters can create a tuning fork very precisely tuned to a demiplane of theirs (in which case they can pass without the likelihood of an incident detailed above). A callously made tuning fork, such as one made by arbitrarily shaving a Material Plane fork, might work, but it will probably send the user to the Astral Plane, the Outlands, or even a different Outer Plane each time--where one has a chance of encountering some horrible enemy.