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Ring of Vorpal
Rarity: Legendary+
Aura: Enchantment (Strong)
This ring appears to be a nondescript precious metal band; often, it is sized for the largest finger of a medium humanoid creature, which may fit it to the smallest finger of a large humanoid creature, or on the thick thumbs of a small humanoid creature.
When worn: at will, the wearer can designate any bladed weapon to gain the magical "vorpal" effect once per turn, and become a magic weapon if it isn't already. [The "vorpal" effect causes the weapon to become magic if it isn't already with +3 to hit, and decapitate a hit creature on a critical hit, generally causing instant death--or, at the DM's discretion, 6d8 unblockable slashing damage if the blade is poorly situated to perform decapitation.]
Because it can create arbitrarily many vorpal weapons, and vorpal weapons are eminently deadly to any creature of any size which can die of decapitation, these rings are extremely rare. It's possible to Wish one into existence, but even the deities would generally be concerned with the existence of such an item, if only for how fecklessly it can be used.
The ring has an AC of 18 and an HP of 20. When destroyed, the wearer, if any, is decapitated instantly.
Per Detect Magic, the ring has a strong aura of enchantment.
When wearing multiple rings: you can designate a number of weapons per turn equal to the number of Rings of Vorpal you are wearing.
This is an homage to a Jake Woods one-shot (at least, I hope it was a one-shot) where he introduced an item of almost exactly this ilk. I heard little else about it other than that, at the "starting tavern", someone used it to designate a spoon as vorpal and gave it to a soup-eating commoner, who eventually took a 20 and lopped his own head off. That might be a loose interpretation of "vorpal", but it did get the murder hobos snickering.