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Mutate Plants
Kind: Transmutation 2
Time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M (seed which one would like to mutate)
Duration: Instantaneous
You can make one change to the seed you are holding. This can be to increase yield, alter one of it's growing conditions, or if the seed if from a monster make a small change to it's abillities. For example, you could make a clover seed have four leaves, a tri-flower frond seed grow without poison or make wheat that yields twice as much. These traits also have biotic trade offs, for example wheat that produces twice as much needs twice as many nutrients,a tri-flower frond without poison requires less nutrients and grows faster. The mutation is inherited so all of the seeds ofspring will have the new trait. Each time after the first use of this spell on a seed there is a 50\% chance of the seed dying in the process of mutation. When a seed is inherits a mutation it does not count as having this spell already cast on it
When cast at higher levels: For each level above second that this spell is cast at you can make an additional change to the seed.