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984 B

Kind: Necromancy 5
Time: 1 minute
Range: 5ft
Components: V, S, M (a seed an a piece of a plant that you whish to fuse together)
Duration: Instantaneous
This spell allows you to produce a new seed or spore by fusing a seed from one plant and a piece of another plant. This randomly mixes the plants traits together. Depending on the source of the trait, the chance of inheriting the trait changes: 3/4 for traits from seeds, 2/3 for traits from spores, 1/2 for flowers, 1/3 for roots and 1/4 for other parts. Stats are inherited from the plant that provided the seed, if more than one seed was used the stat is randomly determined between them. These changes are inherited by the off spring and the offspring do not count as having been modified by this spell. When this spell is cast using a seed produced from this spell there is a 50% chance that the seed dies.
When cast at higher levels: For each level above 5th you can fuse an additional plant