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Deep Gnome Workshop
An archealogical dig had discovered this large room 15 miles undergound among what appeared to be an ancient wreckage.
Twisted spires of dark green metal support the ceiling in the room, preventing the cave-ins that surround it.
Active work is being done on excavating the entire site, but the sheer depth and risk of breaking important artifacts has slowed efforts to a halt.
Desks line the edge of the room, covered in unfinished machinery.
On one desk, a box sits full of more gears and pulleys than it seems physically able to contain.
Another desk contains a contraption of mirrors and lenses that is entirely transparent but evades a complete visual reconstruction from any viewing angle.
Within the center of the room floats an obelisk of black quartz, producing a low frequency sound.
Attempts to remove the obelisk have failed. It resists all motion, as well as ingress both magical and mechanical.
Removal attempt four had involved drilling holes in the obelisk to affix ropes, however the drill bits wore themselves down
within 2 minutes, without a scratch on the inky surface. More disturbingly, the drills impacting the obelisk produced
a knocking sound characteristic of a hollow object.
Archaeologists have quarantined the site, and access is strictly prohibited to those without approval from the beauracracy
between the universities and museums of the archeaologist teams. Sneaking in may be the only option.