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Staff of Greater Telekinesis
Rarity: Legendary
Aura: Transmutation (Strong)
This item is the same as the Staff of Telekinesis, with the following exception.
When casting Telekinesis using this staff, it doesn't count as a concentration spell, and you can have up to five objects or creatures affected simultaneously. When you stop focusing on moving an object or creature, it remains in place until you cancel the effect or move out of range. If the object or creature changes weight (not mass--this includes effects that alter gravity), and the new weight is greater than the Telekinesis limit of the caster, that cast ends.
Additionally, casts of Telekinesis by the wielder of this staff have ten times the normal range, including ones not necessarily cast through the staff's effect. This effect is immediately cancelled if the wielder loses hold of the staff; if the target is outside the range, the spell ends as usual.
Creating a Staff of Greater Telekinesis takes five scrolls of Telekinesis and a 9th-level spell slot to bind.